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Black Lives Matter

The Subways - Fight
Pay What You Want
All proceeds go straight to Black Lives Matter UK

Pay What You Want ( Minimum £15 )

We have teamed up with Billy Lunn from The Subways to produce a one off T-Shirt in support of Black Minds Matter UK. Only available for 24 hours on the Sifer Shop, you have the chance to pay what you want for the T-Shirt (a minimum of £15). All proceeds from the sale of these T-shirts will be going directly to Black Minds Matter UK. Please note that this is not official Black Lives Matter merchandise and comes under the same rules and regulations that all Sifer clothing adheres to.

At Sifer we believe in equality for all, no matter race, gender or religious belief, everyone should be able to feel safe and free as a human in todays society. If you want to learn more please visit any of the below websites so that we can all move into a better tomorrow.

  1. In the fight for racial equality & justice: Black Lives Matter (, Minnesota Freedom Fund (, the Bail Project (bail
  2. In the fight for gender/sexual freedom & rights : Mermaids (, Stonewall (
  3. in the fight for economic equality: ACLU (, The Equality Trust (equality
  4. In the fight for international aid & immigration rights: Amnesty International (, Free Movement (
  5. In the fight for women’s rights: Action Aid (action, Women’s Aid (, Plan International (
  6. In the fight of children’s rights: United Nations Children’s Fund (, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (